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The light blue neck tie features amongst other items found in a box on William's writing desk. 

William Heinesen in Space

Williamshús is hugely honoured to play a small role in The Huginn Mission to the International Space Station. William Heinesen handmade light blue tie (see image) will travel with Astronaut Andreas Mogensen to ISS as part of cultural objects being brought from the Denmark, Faroe Islands and Greenland. The tie, which is handcrafted of Faroese wool, is packed and ready to be launched aboard SpaceX Crew-7 Dragon from the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida on the 25th of August. We will be sure to follow Andreas Mogensen and his crew as they spend the next 6-8 months on ISS conducting research, who knows, hopefully we will be able to see William Heinesen's tie in space.  We wish Andreas and his team a successful mission. 

More about the mission on the European Space Agency site

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European Spce Agency
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